Rosie Makes Music

Some people are gifted with a lot of talent. 

Some people choose to work hard. 

 Rosie has both qualities.

I've had the honor of making music with her and being her friend for seven years. When I met her, as an 8-year-old, she already had that magic combination of humility and confidence, natural gifts and determination to develop them. As a Coyote Choir and Wolf Pack member, as a singer, songwriter, percussionist/drummer, guitar player (and now ukelele too!), as the lead in the workshop productions of Reserve and Green and as a character actor in Hellgate High School's Our Town, Rosie always throws her whole self in. Watching and listening to her, you can feel it. Her total commitment pulls you in, opens you up. She's always risking something, because she's always trying her best. It's so inspiring to me, and instructive.

I encourage you to check out her YouTube channel, and especially to watch and listen to her new song, Lullaby. Lyrics and music, all vocals and instrumentals, and all engineering by Rosie herself.