A week of beginnings

To me, autumn has always felt like a time of beginnings, and also of rooting down into home. The physical place of home, and also the feeling of it.

This week was like that.

Sunday - an alpine view of home from St. Mary’s peak

Monday - an initial read-through of the musical! (Didn’t take a picture, unfortunately.)

Tuesday - the first Coyote Choir rehearsal of the season

Wednesday - a first hearing of Stellarondo’s amazing collaboration with Rick Bass

Thursday - rehearsal with for my new trio, Whippletree (only 2/3 of members able to attend, but a blast nonetheless)

Friday - first Coyote Choir social event of the year; a guided walk through the Fort Missoula Native Plant Garden with wonderful botanist (and Patronopolis member) Marilyn Marler

New scenes, new songs in the musical…

New ideas forming for the interviewing-kids-outside project…

New name for my adult singing group: The Federation for the Renewal Of Group Singing (The F.R.O.G.S.)…

Autumn never feels like dying to me. It feels like falling into something new.