Creative Habitat

Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!

I’m 18 donors away from being able to say YES to a new studio space. If you think it’d be fun to support my creative habitat for a year, you can donate $5 month (or whatever works for you), by clicking here.

And here are links to:

Wow, as I wrote that, another donation came in. Which means I need just 17 more $5/month donors now!

Thank you everyone!!

Here’s a picture of the space, from the outside (the current tenant is working in there at the moment):

And here’s the backstory:

Tuesday, October 16

Dear Patronopolis,

The generous benefactor who has provided me a studio space for the last several years is leaving Missoula. That means I need to find a new creative home — somewhere I can hole up and sing, write, play, tear my hair out, do happy dances, and stare meaningfully at blank walls. A great spot has become available to me downtown, and by the end of October, I need to decide whether or not to rent it.

Should I take it?

I’m putting this decision in your hands.

If 54 people donate $5/month for 12 months, that will cover the rent for a year (or my portion of it — my friend Tom Catmull will co-rent it the space for a few hours a week).

What do you think Patronopolis members? And Patronopolis-members-to-be? Are you into it?

A bit more about where I’m coming from: having a studio the last few years has been really transformational for me. I’ve learned that designating space for creative work really does matter. I can’t thank my benefactor enough for providing me an artistic home — she has changed my work and my life. I want to keep that positive energy a-flowing, keep working on Reserve & Green, and keep including you in the process.

If you feel it would be fun or interesting or worthwhile to help underwrite my studio space, I would really appreciate your support. There are links below for making an automated monthly contribution or a one-time donation. I also made a short video about this for you.
If this feels like something you’d like to help fund, thank you!!

Take care,