From the program for Reserve & Green


Jillian Campana


Bethany Joyce - cello

Brian Hall - guitar

Joe Nickell - drums

Josh Klaus - bass


Chorus… Ali Solomon, Joan Burnett, Stephanie Padden

Willa… Rosie Cerquone

Iris… Katie Norcross

Ray… Reid Reimers

Ben… Chris Vogl

Kate… Brianna King

Vicky… Emi Kodama

Fay… Elizabeth Bennett

Frank… Nick Pavelich

Cora… Adryan Kranksy

Delia… Shannon Therriault

Sylvia… Kathy Witkowsky

Thomas… Mark Vosburg

Teddy… Adam Moreno

Matt… Sean Kirkpatrick

Sara… Sarah Ingold

Gabriella… Alyssa Bosch

Kids… Caitlin Warr

        Jennifer Fleming-Lovely

        Leah Green

Council… Jacob Kuntz

           Joan Harris

           Leslie Rieger

           Margi Cates

Stage directions… Kelsey Steffan

"Director" doesn’t adequately describe the contributions of Jillian Campana. Since last summer, she has been donating her time to help write dialogue, define characters, envision scenes,and educate this novice playwright/composer on the process of creating work for theater. She deserves credit for whatever elements of the script strike you as working particularly well. Thanks also to Rick Bass for reading and critiquing an early draft of the script. Several people not listed here were involved in preliminary read-throughs which were crucial to this process. Finally, thank you to the cast and the band for the many hours of focused labor they put into this production. I’m honored to be collaborating with all of you.

— Amy