Gearing up for the Colony

I’m so excited for auditions for the Colony production of Reserve & Green next Monday! Who will show up? What will they be bringing to this musical-in-the-making? What will we create together? Each workshop performance of the show pushes me to get clearer, dig deeper, discover more, and each new crop of collaborators has so much to teach.

Just last night, in fact, a small group gathered to help me hone the dialogue and think about the story. Since I spend so much time thinking about the show on my own, having a sudden influx of mind-power from a lively, creative group is kind of like, I don’t know, taking steroids, maybe? My own thought-energy gets this huge boost — pow!

(Christian, Nicole, Salina, Emi)

Salsa, chips, fruit and wine help, too.

(Greg, Greg and Sarah)

(Sarah, Shannon, Nick, Chris)

Thanks to Greg Johnson, Colony King and director for this staged reading, and everyone else who came over last night. It helped!

Now back to the studio I go, where I’ve been spending long, lovely hours composing, refining, listening, learning. To have days where I am able to disappear into the work — just surrender to it completely, and it let it take me wherever it wants to go — feels luxurious and exhausting in the best possible way. Something inside me has always loved falling into deep, highly concentrated states, even as a kid. Once I’m in that zone, working 12 or 14 hour doesn’t feel crazy or wrong at all. It feels like climbing a mountain. It’s hard work, but it’s work you want to do. And you know you’re incredibly lucky to be able to do it.

On Wednesday night I drove home through the after-midnight quiet, songs looping in my head, brain and ears slowly circling toward a resting state, feeling the show knitting itself together, almost like a growing organism…eager to get back to it as soon as possible…I thought….thank you, Patronopolis! You are making this possible.