Getting Ready to Rumpus

Here it comes!

The Spring Rumpus is upon us! A dear friend just texted me to say good luck on my “graduation," referring to the fact that this party/concert marks the end of an era for me. Wild Things Music is going on hiatus, I’m going on sabbatical from teaching, and this will be the last Rumpus for a while.

I’m ruminating on this change even as I’m going through it, but right now, I need to get down to the theater to help set up sound gear … so I look forward to thinking and writing and sharing more about this change soon.

(And this dynamic is a big part of what’s motivating the change: I want to think, write, imagine, share … but there are these immediate, concrete details to take care of. Sound gear to set up. E-mails to return. Logistics to communicate. For every lovely and amazing moment in the classroom or on stage, there is all of this organizing to do. And I don’t mind doing the organizing. But wow, does it eat time. And energy. And brain space.)

Well. A bit of ruminating slipped out I see, despite myself.

But back to the Rumpus: as I told my students yesterday, ifeveryone in town could have witnessed what I have seen over the last weekof Rumpus rehearsals, I think we’d need to move the show to the Wilma. Or perhaps the Adams Center. Seriously.It’s been so magical!Here are some of my mentalsnapshots:

  • a flock of tiny Fledglingsholding hands and passionately singing “We Shall Overcome"
  • a pack of Coyotes with their arms around each other singing, " ‘till we meet again…I’ll miss you Coyotes my friends."
  • a band of middle-school Wolves, sharing their musical dreams with each other
  • a bevy of wildF.R.O.G.S., shaking it to “Tainted Love," forgetting that they aresupposedly “adults"
  • a mighty herd of Wild Things of all ages, Rumpusing down Higgins Avenue singing, “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!"

In short: the Wild Things Music Spring Rumpus is going to be phenomenal. We hope you’ll join us!

Wild Things Music Spring Rumpus | Friday, May 17

MCT Center for the Performing Arts
6:30 p.m. | Pre-Show Carnival*
7:30 p.m. | Concert

Read about it in the Missoulian.
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  • $10 in advance at
  • $12 at the door starting at 6:30 p.m. 
  • proceeds support scholarships for this year’s Wild Things Music students

Performances by:

  • Fledglings (grades K - 3)
  • Missoula Coyote Choir (grades 3 - 5) 
  • Wolf Pack (grades 6 - 8) 
  • F.R.O.G.S. - Federation for the Renewal Of Group Singing (adults)

Collaborators include:

Audience members will also be encouraged to participate in the fun — no one will leave the theater un-Rumpused!

*The pre-show carnival includes a variety of musical games, Turning the Wheel movement play and a chance to make your own Rumpisizer!

Don’t miss out on this celebration of all thingsmusical, creative, connected and wild!