Getting there!

Thanks to Cindy Gilbert and more than 180 other Patronopolis members, we’ve made huge progress toward the $25,000 goal in the last few days!

- We made the donor challenge and raised $2,500 in 9 days!

- The anonymous donor matched that $2,500 dollar-for-dollar.

- The project total is now $10,115! So exciting.

I am SO GRATEFUL for this help. It is directly subsidizing the time spent writing this musical. Thank you!

I hope local folks can come see the latest draft of the show on Sunday night, at a special benefit party on Sunday, March 4 at Ten Spoon Winery, at 6 pm.

Hosts David Schmetterling, Marilyn Marler, Andy Sponseller, Connie Poten, Rebecca Richter, Cindy Gilbert are working their tails off to ensure it’s a fun night. Click the link above to rsvp!