It's Colony time!

Missoula Colony
Staged reading of Reserve & Green
Sunday, July 15
Montana Theater
(in the ParTV building, across from the Adams Center on the U of M campus)

Tickets $10
Available at the door starting at 7:30
Peformance at 8:00 with talk-back to follow

Seating is limited, so please arrive early to claim your spot.

Thank you!

Dear Patronopolis,

This week, I’ve been making little “post-rehearsal download videos" after rehearsals for the Colony production of Reserve & Green. They are poorly lit, wobbly-handed, and real. Which translates to…slightly embarrassing sometimes. Wednesday night, for instance, I was all dejected and feeling like a failure, like my writing sucks, blah blah blah. Exactly 24 hours later, I was feeling really excited and encouraged. Oh, the drama of making a drama! If you’re so inclined, you can watch it unfold here.

Justin Fatz, who plays Thomas in this production, helped me get through that moment by assuring me that if I wasn’t freaking out a bit, something would be wrong. “You’re right on schedule," he said. “This is what writers always do at this point. Good job!" He’s been in about 8 billion shows, so I believe him. What a sweetheart. And director Greg Johnson told me essentially the same thing. This is what people do right before their work is exposed. Some waves of fear and self-consciousness are normal. Of course. OK. Deep breath.

Shannon Therriault, Justin Fatz, and Ellen McKenzie as Sylvie, Thomas and Vicky

I do believe in this show, in its story and songs. I also know there is more for me to learn, and things I want to change. Engaging in that learning process is the whole purpose of the Colony, and Greg deserves huge kudos for creating a space for that process to take place. Now that I’m back in a more balanced head-space, I can’t wait to dive in — I hope you can too!

The Chorus rockin’ it with Willa (Katie Levine, Sarah Ingold, Casey Massey, Joan Burnett, Rick Platter and Rosie Cerquone pictured here)

A schedule for the whole week of Colony readings is attached, and if you can swing it, I’d recommend getting a pass and coming to everything you can fit in. And if you can, please come to see Reserve & Green on Sunday night, and continue to help me move the show into the next (dare I say final?) stage of edits by giving me your honest feedback. Because this performance is part of the Colony I’m not able to give any special deals to Patronopolis members — sorry about that. However, the $10 ticket price helps to support the Colony and therefore does help further the creation of new original work. Logistical info below.

As you watch, I hope you’ll see Patronopolis fingerprints all over this thing. In addition to your crucial financial support, your contributions of haiku, slogan ideas, and feedback from previous iterations are all incorporated. It’s so fun to collaborate with you! As we’ve rehearsed this draft, I’ve been thinking with gratitude about the director of the fall workshop, Jillian Campana. Her investment in the project not only helped me learn as a writer — she also helped to raise the profile of the show in the community, which helped to get Reserve & Green included in the Colony. It’s all connected. Thank you, Jillian, and thank YOU, Patronopolis, for all you are doing to help this musical get made.

See you Sunday night!


Director Greg Johnson, Chris Vogl (Ben), Rosie Cerquone (Willa)