Job Opening: Director of Marketing and Development

Job Opening: Director of Marketing and Development

Application deadline: This position will remain open until filled.

Overview of position

Amy Martin seeks an innovative marketing and development expert to increase revenue and expand the communities supporting a variety of artistic projects and programs. The successful candidate will be inspired by the opportunity to pioneer new arts-funding models and help more people connect to their creative power. This position is unconventional in many ways, and the unique challenges involved will appeal to a fluid thinker who thrives on a dynamic mix of freedom and responsibility, risk and reward. He or she will be a collaborator who naturally draws people together and effectively assembles and works with teams. This organized, self-motivated professional will have a proven track record in development and grassroots marketing, including grant writing, major donor work, crowd funding and event planning. A love of the arts and an ability to grasp and communicate the value of artistic work is an essential requirement of the job, along with an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to move projects from inception to completion. Please note that the position is self-funded; the Director is responsible for raising his or her own salary.

Overview of core responsibilities

  • gain an understanding of Amy’s artistic projects, community music programs, and future goals

  • help to set achievable revenue goals

  • create a marketing and development plan for meeting these goals

  • implement plan

  • invite feedback, measure success, make adaptations as necessary

Examples of specific tasks

  • organize events, publicize performances and programs

  • organize development and publication of all marketing and event materials

  • develop new relationships with potential major donors and sponsors

  • document/archive projects and programs

  • introduce creative ways of thanking and getting feedback from supporters and collaborators

  • generate ideas for integrating donors and students into artistic projects

  • find and manage interns/volunteers to assist in the successful accomplishment of these tasks

Skills needed

  • self-direction

  • development expertise

  • marketing savvy

  • creativity and inventiveness

  • planning and project management

  • team-building and collaboration

  • ability to manage time efficiently

  • ability to communicate effectively with a variety of individuals

  • assertiveness

  • strong organizational skills

  • ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines

  • follow-through

  • written and verbal communication

  • personal warmth

Project examples


  • Reserve & Green - Amy’s first musical, currently in the writing and workshop process

  • Learning Their Place - an audio documentary investigating how Montana children relate to their outdoor places

  • Missoula Coyote Choir - environmental education/musical service project, including school tour

  • Season finale concert - featuring various Wild Things Music groups, scheduled for 5/18/12


  • Ask the Planet - an album commissioned by the Biomimicry Institute to teach young children biomimicry concepts and inspire them to spend time outside. Won multiple awards and featured Ani DiFranco, Brandi Carlile, Bruce Cockburn, Dar Williams, Bill Harley and others.

  • Bind Me to Free collaboration - an album of original music released in partnership with the Montana Human Rights Network, which raised funds and awareness in support of a successful initiative to increase Montana’s minimum wage

  • The Harvest Project/This Fall - an album of original music which raised $10,000 for women’s health and education projects in Afghanistan

Compensation, Hours & Location

This is a full-time position. Compensation is negotiable and commensurate with experience. The Director of Marketing & Development is responsible for raising the funds for his or her own salary. The Director may work remotely. A downtown Missoula office will be provided for the Director’s use if desired. The successful candidate will largely set his or her own schedule; success will be measured by quality of work and completion of goals.

How to apply:

  • Send resume, cover letter, and contact information along with three professional references to: Amy Martin | P.O. Box 9394 | Missoula, MT 59807

  • In cover letter, describe

- why you are applying for this position

- relevant past experience

- one of the most instructive mistakes you’ve ever made

- one of your favorite tools, and why you love using it (a tool can be anything you use to help you accomplish your goals — a phone, a spatula, a pair of skis)

  • Please send hard copies only — application materials sent via e-mail will be disregarded.