letters to the patronopolis - july 7, 2011

Dear Patronopolis,

I have envelopes stacked next to my table here with your names on them! Perks are perking. I was hoping to get them out this week, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Soon and very soon, though.

Project updates:

The Stop Look Listen project is rollin’ ahead and feeling really fun. You can hear the first 17 days here and here. I like days 10, 11 and 13 quite a bit. A jam, a crossroads, a campfire.

The musical: I have what seems to be most of a first act of music (we’re talking super rough versions here) in iTunes right now, and in the moments when I’m not actively working on it, I’m listening, learning, thinking, feeling my way through the dark here. After I write this to you, I’m going to (gulp) look at a calendar and start thinking about dates for an initial workshopping of the first half. And then I’m picking up Bethany to work some more on scoring and arranging. Whoa. This seems to be happening!

Third graders: this may be morphing into something else, or dovetailing into something else. I’m considering creating a series of radio shorts featuring kids outside in places they love. Is this a totally separate thing from the 3rd grader project? Does it replace it? Can I research the 3rd grader project while doing this project? Hmmm…not sure yet.

Teaching. I love Chorus Frogs. We’ve met twice, and what a group. Opening, trying, laughing, opening so more. A lot of beauty there, on a lot of levels.

OK, to the calendar I go. To make a date, or at least start thinking of one, in which I can gather musicians and hopefully many of you to listen to my biggest work-in-progress, this musical.


I’m doing it.

Here I go.

Hope you’re well,