Meet Jillian

Jillian Campana is a force of nature. She’s my primary partner-in-crime on the musical — helping me write dialogue, asking me questions that move things forward, directing the workshops. Since I’ve never written for theater before, it’s very reassuring to be working with someone who not only teaches theater (in the University of Montana Drama Department), but is herself an actor, director and playwright. (And she sings, too!)

I actually just read her bio for the first time. I’m sort of glad I didn’t read it earlier in this process, or I might have been intimidated by her. As it turns out, in addition to being a Big Deal, she’s funny, generous and kind.

I feel really grateful to be collaborating with her.

I’m also grateful to Patronopolis member (and Coyote Choir dad) Christopher Knight for introducing us. The power of people helping to connect people!

Below are photos of some of the other forces of nature helping to birth this musical, taken a few weeks ago:

And there are more!