Meet the Cast - Elizabeth Bennett

This is the first in a series of posts about cast members for the Reserve & Green workshop process.

Our first featured cast member is (drum roll please…) Elizabeth Bennett!

Elizabeth played the part of Fay, Vicky’s daughter. She has a lovely singing voice, a great ear for harmony, and an intuitive, expressive style as an actor (you’ll see what I mean by expressive in the photos below). Fay was a relatively small part, but Elizabeth showed what can happen when you commit to a role fully and fill it up with a ton of personality. She also conducted herself with professionalism throughout the rehearsal process. It was a joy to work with her.

Here are some pics of Elizabeth by fab photog Hannah Reagan, along with her answers to some profile questions:

Name: Elizabeth Bennett

Age: 18 years old

From: McCall, Idaho. Currently residing in Missoula, Montana. 

Elizabeth (Fay) and her “mom," Emi Kodama (Vicky)

Fay expressing her belief in the rules, while other Reserve kids have…different feelings

Why I got involved: I heard Jillian Campana was directing a new musical workshop, and I knew it was something worth trying out for. I adored the musical from the moment I auditioned.

What I got out of the experience: It was so much fun working with people from the community in Missoula. It was surreal knowing that the music I was singing was freshly created from someone who was standing six feet away. I had a great time playing Fay and I’m so glad I was cast in this role.