Meet the cast - Sarah Ingold

Sarah Ingold has participated in both presentations of Reserve & Green, portraying Sara, Fay’s sidekick, in December, and then shifting gears dramatcially to rock it as Tiwaz, one of the Chorus members, at the benefit celebration on March 4.

She graciously took the time to fill out this profile before she became Tiwaz, so her answers relate to her experience being Sara last fall. (The fact that she and her character shared a name was just a coincidence - Sarah, are you changing your name to Tiwaz now?)

Sarah shows up ready to work with focus and a smile. She has a ton of acting and singing ability, warmth and professionalism. I’m very grateful for all she’s contributed to Reserve & Green!

Name: Sarah Ingold

Age: 23

Originally from: Oakdale, California (a tiny town about 2 hours east of San Francisco depending on how fast you drive), but now from Missoula

Why you decided to audition: Jillian Campana told me about this project she was working on and thought I might be interested. After hearing what it was all about I couldn’t resist!

Caitlin, Jennifer & Sarah at the Dec. workshop talk back. Photo by Hannah Reagan.

Something fun about being involved: Since I’m very new to the Missoula "Arts Scene" I really enjoyed getting my feet wet with something like this and being able to meet and work with such different members of the community. I really also enjoyed being able to go through this process with other people who were experiencing this play for the first time. All of the plays I have been in, most of the cast knows the show very well or has been in a production of the show before, so being on the same level as the others was really nice. It gave us all a chance to work through problems our characters faced together.

Something challenging about being involved: On that same note, it was something I’d never encountered before to not be able to research my character. Perhaps its a cop-out for an actor to look up character analysis online or watch videos of others playing the role to gain insight on their character, but its something I have done in the past. So it was more challenging in that sense, however it really made me use my imagination to create a history of my character, e.g., what she wants from the reserve, how she feels about the people around her, does she follow Fay blindly or does she know exactly what she will gain from associating with Fay. These were some of the questions I faced in developing Sara and even though it was a tad challenging it was really fun to watch her grow and change as she and I found our voice in the Reserve.

What you got out of the experience: I think the thing I got the most out of the experience was to listen more intently when my character is speaking to me. I tried playing Sara how I thought she would act, and it wasn’t until one of our last rehearsals when she came to life and showed my exactly how she was. I also really feel like I’ve become a member of a community, whether that is the Patronopolis or the community in Missoula, this experience helped reassure me that I’m home in Missoula. So thank you Amy, Jillian, Reserve members, Patronopolis, and community members for welcoming me with open arms!