Meet the Owls

Oh, Whippletree! How I love thee! We got together for some yummy Indian food at Sean Kelly’s tonight (yes, Indian food in an Irish pub in a mountain town). When I asked if they might be willing to come sing some owl hoots on a new song for the Missoula Coyote Choir, they didn’t clear their throats awkwardly, look at the ceiling, or shift uncomfortably in their seats. They said, “Heck yeah! That sounds awesome! What else could we possibly do on a Friday night that would be half as much fun?"

I’m not exaggerating. Those are actual quotes.

Thank you, Whipples!

Meet the Owls

by Amy Martin and the Missoula Coyote Choir 2011-12

as inspired and instructed by Kate Davis of Raptors of the Rockies

Verse 1:

I am the Great Horned Owl

Come listen to me now

I like to hunt at night

And when I hatch I’m white

Then I grow these ear tufts

Don’t they make me look tough?

And I turn red - brown - grey

With yellow eyes in my face

I nest up high in trees

So I can perch and see

Birds, rabbits, geese and skunks

I put them all in a funk

I have learned to adapt

To all sorts of habitats

And now I live coast to coast

I am the most …. widespread owl in North America

Verse 2:

I don’t believe we’ve met

I am the Saw-Whet

And you might be surprised

By my small size

I weigh just one or two ounces

But that doesn’t stop me from pouncing

On little voles and mice

Ooo they taste so nice

I look for a mate in the spring

That’s when I really love to sing

And once my eggs have hatched

I might go lay another batch

I mainly live in conifers

In holes made by other birds

I’m white, brown and cream

I don’t like to be seen…

Verse 3:

I’m the owl known as Barred

For the beautiful way I’m marked

Brown and white rings around my neck

And up and down on my belly and my chest

I’ve got no tufts, and that’s cool with me

‘Cause I’ve got this awesome yellow beak

And unlike most owls in the sky

Instead of yellow I have brown eyes

My call is “who cooks for you?"

Sometimes I’m known as a hoot-owl too

I’m mainly from the eastern states

But I’ve been growing in my western range

I eat anything - from bats to bugs

Frogs and weasels, ducks and slugs

I use nests made by crows, hawks and squirrels

I look the same if I’m a boy or a girl