Re-connected -- I think


After a long disruption, I believe my blog postings are going back out to my subscribers now. Is that true?



I’m so sorry, Patronopolis members and other subscribers, that you haven’t received any digital news from me since late June. Bummer! I had no idea it wasn’t working.

I actually posted quite a bit since then — lots of sound clips and other stuff, too. Dig around here if you’re interested. And if you have any problems accessing anything, please e-mail me.

Now, I’m off to the “Becoming an Outdoor Woman" conference, where I’m going to perform tonight. I think I’m going to play a new song, the second song I’ve written where I mention buying a dress. What’s up with that?

I hope to wear said dress this evening.

Which means I better get crackin’ on the personal grooming front.

Have a great weekend!