Reserve & Green at the Missoula Colony

Dear Patronopolis,

This is big, folks!

I’m really excited to announce that on Sunday, July 15, you’ll be able to see a staged reading of Reserve & Green as part of the Missoula Colony.

Led by Greg Johnson, artistic director of the Montana Repertory Theatre, the Colony is a 17-year-old tradition at the University of Montana. Writers, actors and directors for the stage and screen converge in Missoula for a week of workshops, readings, creative development and general hanging out. (I keep hearing about a rafting trip. I’m not sure what that involves but I keep imagining a bunch of people in black turtlenecks and nerdy-cool glasses floating a Montana river and discussing Beckett.)

I’ll have the chance to meet, learn from and share with people from around the country who care about plot, character development and everything else that goes into theatrical storytelling. The local community is welcomed in to see the works-in-progress, and provide feedback. I’ve attended the Colony readings multiple times over the years, and have always found them stimulating and intriguing. In fact, I’m sure my experiences as an audience member helped nourish my desire to write a musical in the first place.

Usually, only “straight plays" (not musicals) are featured at the Colony. I’m very honored that Reserve & Green has been invited to be a featured work-in-progress - an exception to that rule. I’m also honored that Greg Johnson will also be directing the reading. Like Jillian Campana, Greg brings a wealth of high-level experience and expertise, which will help me develop the show into its best possible form. I am already enjoying collaborating with him.

Now here’s the kicker — you can be part of all this excitement! Auditions to be part of the Colony performance will be held on Monday, June 18. We’ll be looking for a bunch of teens (or young adults who can portray teens), and at least five strong adult singers. Get all the details here.

Ooo just talking about this lights my fire to get up to the studio and keep working on the script and songs! So for now, those dates again are:

Auditions | Monday, June 18 | 6 - 9 pm

Performance | Sunday, July 15 | 8 pm

Locations and other info at my website and in future posts.

Hope to see you there!


P.S. A huge thank you to Father Jim Hogan and all who participated in and attended his fundraising house party on April 20. We’re now over the $15,000 mark! This generosity has an immediate impact on the creation of this show. It is the reason why I am able to go spend the day (and the summer, and as much time as possible next fall) up in my studio. Yes, more is needed. And yes, you rock, Patronopolis!

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