Seven hundred and sixty-three. Totally do-able. With your help.


I think it’s going to happen!

Thanks to a rush of generous donations in the last 24 hours (and thanks to ALL the donations you have made!) we are now just $886 $763 away from meeting the $2,500 dollar-for-dollar donor challenge. That means….

- if another $886 $763 is donated before March 4, a generous anonymous donor will contribute $2,500…
- which will put our total at $9,652…
- which will leave us $15,348 to raise at the party on March 4

Which I think is totally do-able, because hosts Marilyn Marler, David Schmetterling, Andy Sponseller, Connie Poten, Rebecca Richter & Cindy Gilbert are gearing up to throw one heck of a great party, and because I just spent 6 hours teaching new music and dialogue for the show to 20-some talented, kind and giving people who are going to sing their hearts out and help a whole new group of people turn on to the excitement of helping to create a new work of musical theater.

And there’s YOU — the grassroots ambassadors for this project. As we enter the homestretch of this campaign, I’d be so grateful if you could share your reasons for getting involved with your circle of friends. If you want, you can even make a short video describing why you are a part of the Reserve & Green project, like these people did. I’d love to post your beautiful faces on my website and blog!

With all that good energy a-swirling, and with the endlessly touching, surprising and amazing generosity of you, I really, truly think this can happen. We can meet the $25,000 goal! And this show can get written. Workshopped. Developed. Edited. Released…

It’s so exciting to see the Patronopolis in action! A community of patrons. Getting art made in a new way. Together.

Thank you so much!


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Reserve & Green Benefit Celebration

Sunday, March 4 at Ten Spoon Winery
- hear how the show is evolving
- celebrate your contributions to this community-supported-art project
- details on Facebook and through this Evite.