Thank you, Becca!

Becca Lewis, manager at the Walmart on North Reserve Street, totally rocks. Last week I told her I was writing a musical about a group of people taking shelter inside a big box store. Would she have time to meet with me, and answer some questions? “Sure, whatever I can do to help," she said, even as she was being paged to deal with something else. With a smile and no apparent hesitations about entertaining my wacky storyline, we set up an appointment.

This morning, Becca answered dozens of questions for me (and some from you — thanks!) about how Walmarts are made, organized and function. She had great ideas on everything from food to toilets (that’s the full cycle, I guess) and gave me a glimpse of things behind the scenes. She was generous, warm, knowledgeable and open. If I truly had to take shelter in a Walmart, having Becca there would be a great comfort and an amazing resource.