The times, they are a-changing...

Hello Patronopolis!

Thank you for all of your responses to the news that I’m moving to Choteau. Every day seems to bring more kindness and supportive cheerleading. Thank you!

As it turns out, the moving process got a jump-start this week — thanks to Patronopolis connections, I found someone to rent my studio/office here on Higgins Avenue. The new renter will fit in perfectly up in this dear little spot, and I feel lucky to have connected with someone so quickly.

The only wrinkle is that she wants to move in April 1 — so I’m moving out this weekend! Today, right now, I’m in my last moments working here in this beautiful space, which so many of you stepped up to help subsidize last fall. I made two short videos for you about it, including a recording of an old song called “Jump." (Sometimes old songs receive new lives, thanks to, well, life.)

Last fall, when I asked for help deciding whether or not to take this space, you responded with a big yes. Many of you signed up to make automated monthly donations of 5, 10, or even 20 dollars. Others made lump-sum donations. Given all of your support, I feel strange to be leaving the studio before a year’s time is up. You signed up to help me pay for this studio for a year, and now I’m changing the deal. So if you are a studio-backer, please respond and let me know how you’d like me to handle your donation. I want to do whatever necessary to make you feel comfortable. I can alert my fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, that you’d like to have your monthly donations stopped. I can also refund donations.

In talking to some donors about this in the last few days, I’ve been asked, “well, isn’t the money still going to support your work? And don’t you still need some help?" Yes, and yes. The move to Choteau is a move toward the work the Patronopolis was founded to support — I will indeed still be working on

Reserve & Green

and other projects, and in fact hope to increase the time and energy I have for the work you’ve been funding. And yes, I’m heading into a time of many unknowns, including financial ones, and your contributions will help me keep more of my time centered around art-making.

In short: if you want to continue donating, your gifts will still be used to help create new work. And if you would like to end or alter your donation in light of my move, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I am so grateful for your assistance, and for this chance I’ve had to work in beautiful downtown Missoula — all the more poignant to me to have had this chance, now that I’m leaving.

Thank you for your understanding of these changing circumstances, and thank you also for five great months on Higgins Avenue. I have loved this space, and will miss it.

More from me soon,


P.S. This all sounds so dramatic! I think I’m feeling a bit dramatic about this change today. A reminder to myself, and you: this isn’t an ending, just an unexpected bend in the road. :)