This weekend's shows...

I’m starting to get questions about this weekend’s workshop performances of the first act of Reserve & Green. To help clarify any confusions:

12/16 - Friday night’s show is a special free preview for Patronopolis members.

12/17 - Saturday’s show is open to the public, and admission is $10. 

Both shows are at 8 p.m. at the Downtown Dance Collective.

Now…what if you’re not a Patronopolis member, and you want to attend, but you can’t come on Saturday night? Well…you could make a donation to support this project — of any amount — and *poof!* you’re a Patronopolis member! Just like that. And then you’re invited on Friday night.

I’m so grateful there is interest — I really need and want feedback from everyone about this work-in-progress!

Thank you!

(this rockin’ poster was designed by yogesh simpson)