Production Portfolio

Audio pieces that I've produced for radio, podcasts, and my albums.


Old stuff, new stuff, oddball items, random things I catch myself singing or playing.

Found Sound

Sounds I like, or that interest me, which I managed to capture in the moment of noticing them. Usually recorded with my iPod. 

Reserve & Green

This is some of the music I composed for Reserve & Green. Initially conceived of as a musical, this post-apocalyptic story centers around a young girl, Willa, living inside a Walmart which has been turned into a survival shelter.

After producing two workshop versions of the musical, I came to believe that the story I want to tell here does not fit the form I was attempting to use. I explored the idea of a screenplay and a TV series, and am now writing the story as a novel.

I'm posting these compositions in the spirit of sharing the strange and serpentine paths we call the creative process. They were intended to be sketches of the pieces, allowing me to hear the various parts as they evolved, as well as tools for teaching the workshop actor/singers their parts.

All of the instruments and vocals on these tracks are played and sung by me, other than the drum loops, which are from Garageband. If possible, try to imagine a multitude of voices singing here, of various ages, genders, ranges, and timbres, rather than just my voice, somewhat psychotically stacked up on itself. Also, imagine a small band or orchestra helping to communicate the moods and melodies.

Thank you for listening.