THIS FAMILY IS ALREADY BEING HURT BY CLIMATE CHANGE -- They may also be hurt by a solution

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, and in northern Norway, that often means rain instead of snow. That's bad news for reindeer, and the people who depend on them. Climate change isn't their only problem, though.  Construction has just begun on a 280-megawatt wind farm here — 67 turbines being built on this very mountain.


PRI, The World 11/21/17

The Challenges of SAving WIld Bison

Exactly one year ago today, former President Barack Obama named the bison our country's national mammal. "We used to have more than 50 million bison in North America," explains Amy Martin, who has been reporting on bison in Montana for her podcast Threshold.


WNYC, The Takeaway 5/9/17

photo credit: Nick Mott

photo credit: Nick Mott

NASA's Earth and climate research might be in jeopardy under Trump

“Earth has always been part of the NASA portfolio,” says Waleed Abdalati, former chief scientist at NASA.

PRI, The World 12/7/16


What's At Stake If NASA's Earth Science Work Is Ended?

Last week a senior advisor to President-elect Trump said funding for NASA Earth sciences work should be cut dramatically, or just ended. For perspective on what that would mean, Amy Martin talked to Steve Running, the chairman of the Earth Science Subcommittee for NASA’s Advisory Council.

Montana Public Radio 11/29/16


Crow Immersion Camp Hopes To Revive A Threatened Native American Language

Many Native American languages have only a few speakers left. But there's been a push to help keep the Crow language alive.

NPR, Weekend Edition Sunday 7/31/16


Fight Brewing Over Proposed Transfer Of National Bison Range

After more than 100 years of federal control, the lands of the National Bison Range may be returned to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. Last week, the tribes released draft legislation that would transfer authority over the range from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to the CSKT.  

Montana Public Radio 6/13/16

photo credit: Robert Van Waarden | Survival Media Agency

photo credit: Robert Van Waarden | Survival Media Agency

Climate Activists Debate Tactics

The debate about whether or not humans are warming the planet is essentially over – ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that we are. But the debate over tactics, about how to reduce our carbon emissions, is just starting to heat up.

Inside Energy and Here & Now 4/29/16

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Montana Governor Allows Wild Bison To Roam Outside Of Yellowstone

This is a crucial year for Yellowstone National Park's wild bison. The governor of Montana has granted the animals more room to roam outside the park. Some people are celebrating the chance to live alongside them, but many ranchers are worried the bison will hurt their livelihood.

NPR, All Things Considered 2/4/16

photo credit: Michael Werner

photo credit: Michael Werner

A Royal Mess For Public Land Payments

This is a story about accounting.

But wait. This is a story about accounting for your money.

Inside Energy 12/31/15


New EPA Rules Motivate Montana To Look Beyond Coal

Colstrip, Montana is true to its name — it exists because of coal.

NPR, All Things Considered 9/10/15